Maritime & Aviation

Aviation in Malta

Malta’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East has cemented its status as a leading aviation hub. The island nation boasts a robust regulatory framework, managed by the Civil Aviation Directorate within Transport Malta, ensuring safe and efficient operations in its airspace. Malta offers an attractive Aircraft Registration Act, enabling the registration of aircraft for both commercial and private use.


Businesses in the aviation sector flock to Malta for its comprehensive service offerings, including maintenance, handling, and back-office support, as well as opportunities in research and development and aircraft components manufacturing. The nation’s commitment to quality and its pro-business environment make it an ideal location for aviation companies looking to expand their operations.


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Maritime Services in Malta

With a storied maritime history dating back to the Phoenicians, Malta has evolved into one of the most prestigious maritime centers in the world. The Maltese ship registry is recognized globally, reflecting the island’s longstanding commitment to quality and excellence in maritime services.


Malta offers a comprehensive array of maritime services, including efficient ship registration under the Maltese flag, which is renowned for its stability and reliability. The legal and regulatory framework, including the Maltese Merchant Shipping Act, is continuously updated to meet international standards and industry needs, ensuring a favourable environment for maritime businesses.


Whether you are looking to register a vessel, establish maritime operations, or seek expert advice on maritime matters, Malta provides a conducive setting with its exceptional location and services.


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